Business’ administrative management requires dedication than makes you lose time for the achievement of your professional goals. Our Administrative Services’ proposal includes a multidisciplinary approach, as well as a legal and financial long expertise support.

  • Tramita Online will assure legal compliance, transparency, confidence, cost savings and resources optimization.
  • Tramita Online’s services are web based, and clients may perform any enquiry at any time (24h service).
  • All documentation will be scanned and at client’s online disposal for their knowledge and for their revision in an interactive manner.


Finance Management: 100%

Finance resources are essential for your business’ goals achievement, but require a strict control of invoices, treasury and taxes. Tramita Online assures not only finance and taxes compliance, but also certainty and reliability in your finance and assets statements.

  • Accounting
  • VAT
  • Invoicing
  • Assets Management
  • Finance Statements
  • Tax Assessment
  • Litigation

Legal Management: 100%

Our Legal team will be at your disposal for any consultancy service.

  • Contracts
  • Permitting
  • Public deeds
  • Public Registers
  • Data Protection
  • Legal Assessments
  • Litigation

HHRR Management: 100%

Teaming is a good choice to perform your business. There are many labor and mercantile alternatives to execute your professional collaborations. Tramita Online provides specialist advice to avoid any additional administrative load. You and your associates may trust on us.

  • Social Security
  • Income Taxes
  • Risk prevention
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Associates’ administrative management
  • Labor/Mercantile Assessment
  • Litigation


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