Administrative Proceedings

Since 1995, our administrative agency is member of the official agencies’ college of Madrid (register number 2388) and is fully entitled to manage legal issues before all Administrative and Governmental Entities in all the Spanish territory.

Using our expertise and customer’s understanding, we provide cost-effective answers for the problems any client faces. Providing access to enhancing technologies and communications, we strive to give high quality and integrated services, and to keep everything simple and stress free for our customers.


Public Deeds: 100%

  • Notaries and Consulate deeds
  • Testaments deeds and Inheritance processes
  • Asset’s Transfers and Donations
  • Mortgages
  • Marriage arrangements
  • Corporate transactions
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Documents and Accounts legalizations

Public Registers: 100%

  • Civil and Corporate Registers
  • Real Estate and Land Registers
  • Foundations Registers
  • Data Protection Register
  • Testaments Register
  • Patents, Trademarks and Intellectual Registers
  • Corporate and Domain names Registers
  • Digital and Telecom Registers

Permitting: 100%

  • Municipal License
  • Public Domain Easements
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Visas
  • Environmental License
  • Residency Registration
  • Nationalities
  • Parking

Taxes: 100%

  • Tax Identity Cards
  • VAT
  • Corporate Tax filing
  • Income Taxes
  • Transfer Taxes
  • Inheritance and Donations Taxes
  • Municipal and Local levies
  • Activities Taxes

Other issues: 100%

  • Fillings for Vehicles
  • Translations
  • Communities Management
  • Documents Digitalization
  • Disabilities
  • Assest’s valuation
  • Insurances
  • Events Organization

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